Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Last Name

I love my family.  

I love my parents.  I love my sisters.  I love my brothers.  I love knowing them.  I love being teamed up with them for the journey of this life.  I love knowing that, even when times get rough, they have always got my back.  I love knowing that even when I feel alone or invisible, they know me, and love me.  I love knowing there will always be someone on my team. 

 I love my family.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spinster Diaries

I recently found out my youngest sister thinks I am a spinster.  At 20, I think this is quite the achievement on my part.  But, I suppose I am definitely showing signs of aging.  Since I returned to BYU-Idaho for spring semester, I have gone to bed at reasonable hours, I'm talking 11 pm sometimes.  I am a little bit embarrassed about it actually...  I haven't pulled any awesome pranks and only had one epic nerf gun battle with Leeann.  I totally schooled her.  Also, I hardly ever eat out.  I have had at least 5 pb&h sandwiches in the past week.  I have showered regularly, and done every single homework assignment.  I only went to one party this weekend and I left early. 

Also, I found two little wrinkles on my forehead.
That was a pretty horrible experience.

Anywhey, I really cannot blog without any pictures, so here's a gem.
Leeann playing guitar hero, with Prof. Severus Snape himself, lurking it up in the background. 

You're very welcome.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

20 and the Livin's Good

Did you know that I am now 20 years old? It's funny cause I have started wearing button-downs very often and jeans hardly at all, and I feel like an old maid. But it's cool, cause that means soon I can start crocheting for real, and filling my home with animals. I am thinking dogs. I have never really been a cat person. (Millie...) Also, maybe I will crochet little sweaters for my dogs.

Oh, and while we are on the subject, yes, I was an extremely adorable child.

In other news, I celebrated Christmas with my family. It really was great. I love Christmas, almost as much as I love family. Getting together to celebrate the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ is always a cherished blessing.

Also, I got glasses.
Yes, they are real. I have astigmatism in my left eye, and I'm near-sighted. Also, the optometrist has been trying to get me hooked on contact lenses, but I don't think I will ever feel comfortable in those suckers, even when they are actually my prescription.

Also, Washington is cold. And dark.
I miss the sun.

Thumbelina is the only one who understands sometimes.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Life Rocks!!

Here are some pictures from All Hallow's Eve.
The actual night was spent half at Walgreen's and half snuggled up on the floor of Katie's room for some quality time with our homie Link.

However, we did party. Don't worry. We are college kids after all.
For da party, I was Padme from Episode II, and Katie was a porcelain doll, and Leeann was a scarecrow.

Don't mock me because I was a Star Wars character.
Embrace the nerd.
It's funner that way.

Also, we met Link at da party
(which failed BTW)
needless to say, we were stoked out of our minds.
I mean, what. a. boss.


There comes a time in every person's life when they admit how awesome rocks are.
Don't worry, your time will come.
These are a few awesome pictures from my recent trip to the Grand Canyon, and Arches National Park.

Rocks are awesome.

Let me tell you, despite the fact that my tent collapsed many times during the night from snowfall, and the fact that I once thought my tent-mate had died from the cold and snow, I love the Grand Canyon.
It IS what's up.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mr. (Au)Tumn-us

Did you know I love that season before winter?
But, really, who doesn't..

It has definitely been a while. You can totally blame the fact that I have not had internet at my little apartment. Yes, living an internet free lifestyle is really as great as it sounds.

Things that have happened that are great:

Katie had a birthday!! It was so great!

Megan was really excited. Sometimes I can't even handle what a little princess she is.

What a G.

Also, Katie, me, and our dear friend Tia all found out we are going to study abroad in Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, France, and England next Autumn!!
(This is a picture of me & KT under a poster for the trip...we are leaning towards going.)

Megan, KT, & I had a mass snuggle fest. With my radical Naptime Bears blanket.
It was the best.

Oh yeah, I am going to the grand canyon next weekend!!!
Stand by for some soups legit pics.
It will be so pitted. Just pitted, man.

Also, stand by for some All Hallow's Eve pictures.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Things I Really Like

Joshua James. If you haven't heard of him, I am deeply sorry. Youtube his song Dangerous. It's my favorite. Also, I love him. I am beYOND stoked in this picture. Also, I managed to get him to sign my phone case. Legit.

Oh, and he gave me a vegetable from his own personal garden.
Ya know, just to snack on.

Clearly I selected the, "I only date humans" option.
I mean, a good werewolf is hard to find.

I don't think I really need to explain myself with this one.
I mean, can you say BOSS.
Clearly he is a winner.

And yes, the picture is that large on purpose.

You are quite welcome.